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FTWD S4 E12 Sneak Peak - Morgan Heads Back

Sneak peak of next weeks Fear The Walking Dead. Morgan is doing the right thing and heading back for his FTWD friends to take them to Alexandria. Watch it!

FTWD Cast Talk About Morgan, Sarah and Wendell

Check out the the cast and crew talking about their characters and interactions while recapping Season 4 Episode 11 of Fear The Walking Dead. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Trailer!

Check out the trailer for the new season of "Fear The Walking Dead" which premiers Sunday! The poster they revealed last month is sick! Watch it!

FTWD S1 Recap In 3 Minutes!

Get caught up on Fear the Walking Dead in 3 minutes. Just in time for the Season 2 premier next Sunday! Watch it!

FTW Season Finale Video Leak Episode 6

Check out the video leak of Fear the Walking Dead episode 6. Will the ex-wife make the right choice in the season finale of FTW? Doesn't look like it! Watch it!

Inside Look At FTW Episode 5

Check out a inside look of episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead. Looks like there's trouble inside the ranks. The name of the episode is Cobalt. Watch it!

FTW Episode 5 Sneak Peak

Fear The Walking Dead Video Leak S1E5
It looks like the ARMY is up to no good in episode 5 of Fear the Walking Dead. Can't believe the season is almost over. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Episode 4 Sneak Peak

Episode 4 of Fear the Walking Dead is coming sunday and it looks like Madison finds out what the ARMY is up to. Check out the video leak. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Episode 3 Sneak Peak

Well we had to wait a week for the new episode of Fear the Walking Dead, but it's finally here! Check out the sneak peak of Sunday's episode. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Premier Now Online!

Fear The Walking Dead S1E01
After breaking viewer records the premier of Fear the Walking Dead is now streaming online for free. That's right, AMC is streaming it on their site for free. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Ambulance Zombie Footage!

Who wants to see the video footage from the ambulance Zombie scene from the Fear the Walking Dead premier? WE DO! This is not the footage you saw on TV. Check it out. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Episode 2 Sneak Peek!

I don't know about you but I loved the premier of Fear the Walking Dead. I would of liked to see some more zombie bashing but the story is coming along nicely. Check out the sneak peak for Sunday's episode. Watch it!

First 3 Minutes of Fear The Walking Dead!

Check out the first 3 minutes of the Fear the Walking Dead series premier. Just enough to wet your taste buds. Such a tease. Oh well just few more days left to wait wait! Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Gets 2nd Season

Fear The Walking Dead Season 2
AMC has announced that it has ordered 15 episodes of Fear the Walking Dead for next season (season 2). That's a great deal for what's said to be the summer's most anticipated new shows. Great news for all the Walking Dead fans. I know I can't wait for it to start! Read More

A Deaper Look Inside Fear The Walking Dead!

We have the latest Fear the Walking Dead video that gives you more of an inside look at the series. In the video they talk about the show taking place during the 4 months that Rick Grimes was in his coma. So we will get to see the transfromation from normal life to the apocalypse. Can't wait! Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Lights Out LA Trailer!

Fear the Walking Dead has released a new trailer. This is the Lights Out LA trailer. Check it out! Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Sneak Peek Photos

Alycia Debnam-Carey on Fear The Walking Dead Episode 1
New Fear the Walking Dead images came out this morning for this seasons first episode. I can't express how excited I am for this new show. Now if we could just get another spin off (or maybe 2) we could have The Walking Dead year round. How about it AMC? Read More

Fear The Walking Dead Inside Look

Here is a great video greeting from the cast of Fear the Walking Dead that amc has shared. If you're not stoked for this show you might need your flu shot! Watch it!

Greg Nicotero Talks Creating Zombies On Fear The Walking Dead

The awesome Greg Nicotero talks about the process of creating Zombies on Fear the Walking Dead. Going from a person that looks ill to a decomposing Zombie is a art and Greg's team are the masters! Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Creators Talk About LA

When asked, the Fear the Walking Dead creators talk about how LA's diversity and being strange affects the show. I don't think there is any arguing that California is diverse. I do like the idea of them dealing with not being able to buy your way out of the Zombie apocalypse. If the show and SNL would also be sweet too. Watch it!

Fear The Walking Dead Comic-Con Trailer!

Check out the Official Fear the Walking Dead Trailer for season 1 that premiered at Comic-Con. Looks Pretty damn EPIC to me! The cast is great and I like the fact theat they are showing the outbreak from the start where everything goes to hell. Don't get me wrong, I love how they did it with Rick in The Walking Dead. But this just looks like it's going to have more action off the get go. Please AMC, make it a 2 hour premier. We beg you! Watch it!

What's Fear the Walking Dead About?

Fear The Walking Dead Cast
Fear the Walking Dead is an upcoming television series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson scheduled to premiere on AMC on August 23 2015. It is a companion series to the horror drama television series The Walking Dead which is based on the comic book series of the same name by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. AMC greenlit the pilot to series on March 9, 2015 with a two-season commitment. Read More

Fear The Walking Dead is set in Los Angeles, the series follows a divorced male teacher named Travis (Cliff Curtis) and his fiance Madison who is a female guidance counselor (Kim Dickens), and her two children Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and Nick (Frank Dillane) during the zombie apocalypse.

Main Cast

Recurring Cast

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