WTF The Walking Dead?

Well I’m pretty sure that The Walking Dead has pissed off every fan who’s seen tonights episode. Any else tired of being left hanging? Here is what we were basically left with. Check out the video. It’s not the whole scene but if AMC releases the whole one I’ll be sure to post it.

US Deploys National Guard. Highways and Interstates Closed.

Evacuation Routes, Checkpoints and Quarantine Zones For USA - 1A

Should You Be Worried About The Zombie Apocalypse In The USA ? - 3B

USA Financial Institutions (Banks) Freeze Accounts and Close.

Is Your Money Safe If You Live In The US? - 4B

Are You A Fan Of The Walking Dead Or Fear The Walking Dead? - 1C

Zombie Fan Art

Credit: Santan Clara City Library