Why Glenn Isn't Dead - The Walking Dead

You read right, Glenn Isn’t Dead! There is no way that one of the most loved characters on the show dies that way on The Walking Dead. Before you say “but they ripped his guts out!” let me explain with a few examples and it will make sense.

Now I’m not saying he’s getting out of the situation he was in. I’m saying he’s not dead yet. There’s no way that the show doesn’t let him go out in a blaze of glory, one way or the other. If he was dead they would of came out and said it. He would’ve for sure been a surprise guest on the The Talking Dead. To me it looked like Nicholas fell on him and those were his guts getting torn out. Maybe Glenn crawled under the dumpster while the walkers were distracted. I like that idea. Either way we will find out in a episode or 2 that GLENN IS NOT YET DEAD.

The writers of the Walking Dead are all about the main characters dying on a grand stage with shock and awe. When it does happen there are no questions as to if that character is dead or alive. It’s usually a very gruesome death. Check out the list.

  1. Amy - got bit, died and then shot by her sister Andrea.
  2. Sophia - well ok she was missing for a while but when she was put down by Rick it was very dramatic.
  3. Dale - disemboweled by a walker and then put down by Daryl. Once again very dramatic.
  4. Shane - killed when Rick stabbed him in the heart and then put down by Carl. Very very dramatic.
  5. T-Dog - ate by walkers.
  6. Lori Grimes - died giving birth and put down by Carl. Once again very very dramatic.
  7. Merle Dixon - shot by the governor and then put down by Daryl. Most dramatic probably up to this point.
  8. Andrea - bit by Milton and shoots herself before she turns.
  9. Hershel - decapitated by the governor and put down by Michonne. Well his head anyway. Very dramatic once again.
  10. the Governor - stabbed through the chest by Michonne and then shot in the head later by Lilly.
  11. Mika - stabbed to death by her sister (Lizzie) and then put down by Carol.
  12. Lizzie - shot in the head by Carol.
  13. Beth - shot in the head by Dawn after she stabbed her with scissors. Extremely shocking, never saw it coming.
  14. Tyreese - bitten and then died after they tried to amputate his arm. Put down by Michonne.
  15. Noah - devoured by walkers. No question he was ripped apart.

Just for comparison… I know I knkow, the show is different. But… In the comic Glenn dies in issue 100, and although it’s in Alexandria he has more time.

Glenn's not dead on the walking dead

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